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VICTORY Podcast - How to FIRE Your Boss!


Hey hey hey!  It’s another great day!  
 Comon now…
 Shake your “money maker…”

Comon common Shake it up! 

Snap those fingers, 

wiggle those toes…

put your hands together … Do what ever it takes and be sure to SMILE!  

Just Give it a try!  just try smiling for NO REASON and notice how you FEEL!

Welcome to the VICTORY PODCAST Episode #5 and today we are talking about 

BITCOIN GEEK and the Largest transfer of wealth in History that is happening RIGHT NOW!

I am honoured YOU are here and my goal for this Episode is to make sure this becomes an amazing INVESTMENT of your time.  

By the end of this episode if you can say to yourself - 

NOW That!… 

was a great investment of my TIME!  Then my Mission is accomplished…
 TODAYs PODCAST is about BITCOIN GEEK and the Largest transfer of wealth in History that is happening RIGHT NOW!

Todays Episode reminds me of the Story ZIG ZIGLAR told about an Archer (bow and arrow) by the name of Howard Hill.
 Now Howard Hill was from Alabama he was an archer and they say he was the best in the whole world.
 How good was he?
 Well check this out… 

He entered 287 archery tournaments he placed first 287 times.

 He was so good he retired early because the other competitors became  unwilling to compete for second place.

I’ve seen youtube videos of Howard Hill where from 50 feet away he hit dead center of the in middle of the bull's eye then he would take the next arrow and split the first one !

 I do know that he was a good ARCHER and there's no question about it…

so now let me emphasize the point about this particular episode #5 about BITCOIN GEEK…  

NOW … I’ve never shot the bow and arrow professionally but I am a MENTOR, and an instructor and a TEACHER extraordinaire! 

I’m not certain but I think that's French, and means i'm really good at it…

 as a matter of fact let me tell you just how good i am as a teacher…

if I could spend 30 minutes with any man or woman who will ever listen to this Episode #5 providing your eyesight is good and your health is normal…

within 30 minutes I would have you hitting the bull's eye more consistently than Howard Hill!

It's not like I’m bragging now but like I said…

Give me a half hour and I can do it…

 Now could do it provided of course you had first blindfolded Howard Hill and turned him around a couple of times so he wouldn't have a clue as to just which way he was headed or where the target was…

and you might say well now Shane my goodness alive fella of course you could!  That's ridiculous!

How on earth could a person possibly hit a target he couldn't see he couldn't even see ?

Now that’s a good question but here's a better one… 

How can YOU hit a target you don't have? 

How can you you take advantage of one of the greatest opportunities available when you do not even know it exists?
 Think about that just for a moment!
 Here is the REALITY!

Now I have to admit that i am really FIRED UP and excited to provide you with the following information because I know that I know that I know…  

The following information can be life-changing because I have so many PERSONAL FRIENDS who have taken MASSIVE leaps forward in such a very short period of time….

This is not a guess or a WISH it’s reality!

I am honoured and humbled to have the opportunity to contribute to the continuation of an amazing MOVEMENT that began from ZERO just a few short months ago…

By ZERO I mean from scratch.  From an Idea that has now been proven.

Now if there was 1 word I could use to describe the information I am about to provide it would have to be…

Let me think…  

OK the word is GENIUS!


The Biggest 

Transformation of Wealth in History

is taking place and 99.5% are unaware it is even happening...  

Well, it's happening right now!
 BLOCKCHAIN - CRYPTO and BITCOIN TECHNOLOGY is changing the world more than most people can imagine...
 Now if you have children or grand-children or if you were a STUDENT looking for advise on what to study or for a DIRECTION of where the future was heading I would say this 100% of the time as of this recording.

As a matter of fact, many believe that these technologies will have a bigger impact than the internet has. IMAGINE!
 Here is the QUESTION…

Now, more than ever, bitcoin, crypto currency and blockchain technology are becoming common language.  
Have you noticed more and more people are starting to use it

Have you noticed it is growing faster and faster?
 and most importantly, This trend is not slowing down anytime soon. 
 Getting involved in this massive expansion opportunity with is super easy 

and it will be beneficial to you and almost everyone you know in so many ways.
 The purpose of BITCOIN GEEK is to introduce REAL PEOPLE to a real community of like-minded individuals where you get access to the brightest players in this space.  

And at the same time get access to brilliant to a PRIVATE MEMBERS CLUB where you can gain access to discover opportunities to generate both passive and active rewards not once in a while but DAILY!

YES you heard that right there are BOTH PASSIVE opportunities and active opportunities available 

Can you see why I have labelled this as GENIUS?

What else is GENIUS?

 This all has to do with an EDUCATION FIRST approach where everyday people like you and I can EARN rewards as we LEARN.  

This is a chance to access unprecedented opportunities for real people just like you.

 If you would like to learn about IMPACTFUL opportunities where you can choose between passive rewards, active rewards or both types of rewards BITCOIN GEEK this is the place to go.

You are literally less than a day or 2 away from discovering what could be the most IMPACTFUL opportunities you and anyone you know have ever seen.

The very very realistic GOAL and VISION is to build a community of 2 million INDEPENDENT ENTREPRENEURS who are earning rewards for learning about the single biggest transfer of wealth in history.

 Get a pen and a pice of paper and ask yourself what this would be worth…
 What would it be worth to have daily access

 Leadership Mentor #1 in the world.

Bitcoin, Blockchain, Crypto Currency, Di-fi, NFTs, Metaverse…

What would it be worth to have daily access

Members only LIVE feed

What would it be worth to have daily access

Members converter software

any fiat and crypto in real-time

What would it be worth to have daily access

MEMBERS Private Vault

track all currencies from 1 place

What would it be worth to have access

MEMBERS Private  Travel Club 

massive wholesale discounts on travel

What would it be worth to have access

Private members club 

Access unprecedented opportunities to generate both PASSIVE and active rewards


Go ahead what would this be worth?
 What is the value?
 What if you could gain access to all of this for about a BUCK a DAY?

 How is this possible?
 REMEMBER the goal is to build a massive Private community of like-minded people who actually EARN while they LEARN about the hottest opportunities both PASSIVE and active on the planet.

If this sounds interesting to you or anyone you know then you need to follow these simple steps as this information is not available to the public.

  1. VISIT

  2. Click on BITCOIN GEEK 

  1. Schedule a 15 Minute Private meeting for the personal details.

  1. VISIT

  2. Click on BITCOIN GEEK 

  1. Schedule a 15 Minute Private meeting for the personal details.


Now I realize This episode contained a lot of information and you might consider re-listening to this over and over a few times until you feel confident YOU GOT THIS!

As I mentioned many times,

My personal goal and vision is to give away 1 Million Copies of the Victory Audiobook at

And if you feel this was Valuable to you on a personal level I would ask that you consider helping me give away 1 Million copies by asking people you know, by asking people you like and and by asking people you trust to download their own copy - 
 and by asking people you know, like and trust to download The VICTORY BOOK EPISODE  FIRST you will be helping me and supporting me achieve this VICTORY faster than I would be able to it alone.
 And I thank you in advance!

While your at it…

 Consider teaming up with a workout partner so you can help each other stay on track and practice what you are learning in these episodes as we grow together! 

Better yet, perhaps you can become your community leader and start your own mastermind group and inspire people to become the experts on these important and timely topics…

and your actions will inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, and therefore, you are a leader! 

  • OK that’s all I have for you for this episode and I look forward to seeing you next time on the VICTORY Podcast.

  • Now make this!  Your best day ever!

  • Bye for now!

How to Fire Your Boss
VICTORY Podcast - How to FIRE Your Boss!
The VICTORY Podcast is about how to fire your boss, move to paradise and get paid to help change the world.
Based on the goals-setting principle outlined in the VICTORY BOOK by Shane Morand - You've got to have too many goals rather than too few because goals are like magnets that pull you into a greater, grander and more amazing future. NOW!
Topics on this Podcast will include Victory Book, Money, Gold, Health, Personal Growth and much more.
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