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GOLD and MONEY - Introduction

GOLD and MONEY - Introduction

Hey hey hey!  It’s a great day!  
 Common now…
 Shake your “money maker…”

put your hands together 

Snap those fingers, 

wiggle those toes…

 … Do whatever it takes and be sure to SMILE!  Give it a try!

Welcome to the VICTORY PODCAST Episode 2 We are talking Money and GOLD!

I am honoured YOU are here and my goal for this Episode is to make sure this becomes an amazing INVESTMENT of your time.  

By the end of this episode if you can say to yourself - 

NOW That… 

was a great investment of my TIME!  

Then my Mission is accomplished…
 Today's PODCAST is about the MONEY and more specifically GOLD and if you have never owned GOLD in your name DO not PANIC don’t worry most people have not but it's time to change that… RIGHT NOW!

In the next few episodes, my goal is to take you by the hand step by step and delve into to a TOPIC that most feel is complicated and simplify this in a practical way so fYOU become proficient and maybe even the expert.

 The information I am going to share with you today is for EVERYONE, regardless of your background or knowledge.  

The question is… ARE YOU FIRED UP and excited about the possibilities of GOLD?

If so… you have come to the right place….
 SO…  just before we get into this GOLD episode … If you have NOT already listened to EPISODE # 1 then make a note to do so, because the VICTORY Podcast EPISODE #1 is about the VICTORY BOOK and this is the foundation for all Episodes that follow -

REMEMBER - You need to SET TOO many Goals rather than too few…

Because GOALS are like magnets that will pull you FORWARD into a greater, grander and more AMAZING FUTURE!  

I want to encourage you to DREAM BIGGER!  MUCH Bigger than you thought was possible… 
 OK normally when I talk about MONEY or more specifically GOLD most TUNE OUT because they believe GOLD is only for the RICH or the WEALTHY…

THIS IS NOT TRUE it’s a lie!
 GOLD is money and GOLD is for EVERYONE whether you are a seasoned investor or you have never actually owned GOLD in your name…

today I will show you how to buy your FIRST Gram of GOLD or your FIRST ounce of Silver and get you started on the road to working and thinking in terms of REAL MONEY.


In 2008 when I co-founded a global marketing concept we were going through a Global financial crisis very similar to today's economic environment.  Do you REMEMBER 2008?  
 2008 spawned a new era of DISTRUST for the world’s governing financial institutions.


Today, as we move closer to 2022 things have gotten a whole lot worst, 

much more debt, much more unstable institutions and there is more mistrust of the banks and financial 3rd party institutions than ever… 

more and more people are looking for answers that make sense.

SOLUTIONS that are not working

As a means of reducing banking fraud and currency manipulation, cryptocurrencies were born like Bitcoin, Ethereum and 10,000 other cryptocurrencies … but this solution has created even more new problems of their own… 

the excessive volatility of these cryptocurrencies that are backed by ‘math” and the difficulty in actually using and spending crypto is preventing their mainstream adoption.


So who should you trust?
 I don’T know what your answer to the question - who should you TRUST - but I know my own… Its called Kinesis 

and in today’s episode, I am going to take you on an amazing journey into the NEW MONETARY system everyone is starting to discover.
 REMEMBER: I will show you how you can buy your first gram of GOLD that is in YOUR NAME and not a 3rd party financial institution's name like your money is now.  
 The money you have sitting in the bank regardless of the amount is NOT in your name.  More and more people are starting to find out that when things go wrong with a 3 rd party financial institution the actual DEPOSITOR is the last to get PAID - 
 TODAY I will be introducing you to the KINESIS Monetary System and not to a BANK or 3rd party institution.

 the world’s leading electronic exchange of physical precious metals (Gold and Silver)… a monetary system entrenched and trusted in the global industry. Now recognized by GOVERNments and major institutions around the world.

With knowledge, expertise and experience that has been built over the last decade+

KINESIS is at the forefront of making history and is redefining how physical bullion (Gold and silver) is traded and used as a functional MONEY and a currency that also pays every customer up to 4  YIELDs.  

YES you heard that right you can now earn a YEILD on GOLD and SILVER - This has NEVER been done and in my opinion ITS PURE GENIUS!  


KINESIS is the world's first incentivized monetary system, based on allocated physical Gold and Silver.

In this “first of its kind” and a unique monetary system -  

KINESIS has attached a multi-faceted yield system that rewards you as a participant in several areas…

Whether you HOLD GOLD or SILVER, convert it or MINT it to Digital Currency, Whether you SEND, SPEND or even SELL it… You are rewarded!
 IF you are CONFUSED right now - Don’t worry!  

I have already mentioned on the PREVIOUS Episode 

I am going to dedicate multiple episodes to take you by the hand and STEP by STEP just like the VICTORY BOOK make sure that you become the EXPERT but you need to be PATIENT as this has NEVER been done and I PROMISE it will be worth EVERY minute you invest in your learning this new monetary system.

There is NO RUSH as GOLD and SILVER have been around for THOUSANDS of years and will continue for thousands of years…

And… Unlike traditional “math” backed - Crypto Currencies KINESIS coins are backed 1:1 by real physical Gold or Silver. 


1 KAU is 1 Gram of GOLD

1 KAG is 1 Ounce of SILVER

Finally, a Digital Currency backed by real-world tier 1 asset.  And the Kinesis Gold and Silver Physical Digital Currencies convert easily into FIAT (paper) currency with your KINESIS Debit Card 

or you can even redeem your Digital assets for physical Gold and Silver and have it shipped to your door anytime you want it.

And UNLIKE anywhere in the world STORAGE of your GOLD and SILVER is ALWAYS FREE!
 It’s in YOUR TITLE YOUR name and not a 3rd party Bank or financial institution like your money or stocks, bonds and or ETF and other financial instruments backed by NOTHING. 


As a precursor to the Kinesis Monetary System, a separate Digital Token was created… 

The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) 

KVT holders will get a share of all transaction fees generated by the KINESIS currencies… Forever!  

So the more it is used the greater the rewards to KVT holders.

Here is the best part…

There are only 300,000 KVT Tokens available ever!  

think about this for a second… There are about 25 Million Millionaires worldwide but only 300,00 KVT

You will be able to acquire KVTs on the exchanges, however, at MUCH higher prices as KVT’s each generate ongoing MONTHLY income to its holders… 
 so they will KEEP INCREASING in VALUE every day, Week, month and YEAR.

With that said: let’s begin our MONEY or GOLD journey with this short overview and yet another historical day 
 IF this is the FIRST time you have ever heard about this revolutionary monetary system…

KINESIS is the FUTURE of MONEY! and its worth the time you invest to LEARN all you can step by step and the journey you are about to take will help in this EFFORT…
 WELCOME to GOLD!  Enjoy!

How to Fire Your Boss
VICTORY Podcast - How to FIRE Your Boss!
The VICTORY Podcast is about how to fire your boss, move to paradise and get paid to help change the world.
Based on the goals-setting principle outlined in the VICTORY BOOK by Shane Morand - You've got to have too many goals rather than too few because goals are like magnets that pull you into a greater, grander and more amazing future. NOW!
Topics on this Podcast will include Victory Book, Money, Gold, Health, Personal Growth and much more.
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